Academically Qualified Person Card

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Academically Qualified Person Card

White CSCS Card - Academically Qualified Person Card

All applicants for Academically Qualified Person Card must pass the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety and Environment Test.
This card is available to people who have completed certain construction related degrees, HNDs, HNCs, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas.


Applied Environmental and Resource Science
Archaeology and Heritage
Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies
Architectural Design Technology
Architectural Conservation
Architectural Engineering & Design Management
Architectural Technology
Building Conservation (Technology and Management)
Building Construction and Management
Building Engineering
Building Engineering and Materials
Building Production Technology
Building Project Management
Building Services
Building Services (Mechanical)
Building Services Engineering
Building Services Engineering (Electrical Installation)
Building Services Engineering (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Building Studies
Building Studies (Construction Management)
Building Studies (Maintenance Management)
Building Surveying
Building Surveying and Property Management
Building Technology
Building Technology and Management
Built Environment : Building Inspection and Supervision
Built Environment - Construction
Built Environment: Facility and Environmental Management
CIOB Certificate in Site Supervisory Studies
CIOB Certificate in Site Management Studies
City and Regional Planning
Civil and Coastal Engineering
Civil and Construction Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Environmental Technology
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering - British Waterways
Civil Engineering (Block Release)
Civil Engineering and Computer Aided Design
Civil Engineering (Quantity Surveying)
Civil Engineering Management
Civil Engineering Studies
Civil Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology with Tunnelling Technology
Civil Engineering with Modern Language
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Commercial Management
Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying
Commercial Quantity Surveying
Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Engineering
Computer Aided Engineering and Design
Computer Technology And Instrumentation
Concrete Structures & Business Managerment
Conservation Studies
Construction (Production)
Construction & Property Management
Construction (top-up)
Construction and Project Management (K220 X)
Construction and Project Management (K251)
Construction and Real Estate
Construction Business Management
Construction Commercial Management
Construction Cost Management
Construction Economics
Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying
Construction Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Construction Enterprise Management
Construction Management
Construction Management (Building Services)
Construction Management (Commercial Management)
Construction Management (Site Management)
Construction Management and Economics
Construction Management and Environment
Construction Management and Surveying
Construction Practice
Construction Project Management
Construction Technology
Contaminated Land
Design & Construction Management
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Systems
Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering with Communications
Electrical Systems Engineering
Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Electronial and Electronic Engineering
Electronic and Communication Engineering
Electronic and Communications Engineering
Electronic and Computer Engineering
Electronic and Computer Engineering with Electrical & Instrumentation & Control Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Systems
Electronic and Information
Electronic Assistive Systems
Electronic Communication Systems
Electronic Communications Engineering
Electronic Communications System
Electronic Control Systems
Electronic Control Systems
Electronic Design
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering and Communication Systems
Electronic Engineering and Communication Systems with SCOTVEC Certificate in Software Engineering: Engineering Applications
Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology
Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
Electronic Microcomputer Systems
Electronic Microcomputer Systems
Electronic Service Engineering
Electronic Systems
Electronic Systems and Electronic & Electrical Systems
Electronic Systems Design Engineering
Electronics and Communications
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Electronics and Computer Engineering
Electronics and Control Engineering
Electronics and Manufacturing Technology
Electronics Business Management
Electronics Engineering
Electronics Media and Communications
Electronics Product Design
Electronics with Data Communications
Energy Conversion and Management
Engineering (Computer Aided)
Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)
Engineering (Electrical Power)
Engineering (Electrical)
Engineering (Electrical/Electronic and Telecommunication)
Engineering (Electrical/Electronic and Telecommunication)
Engineering (Electrical/Electronic)
Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical)
Engineering (Electronic and Communications)
Engineering (Electronic and Electrical)
Engineering (Electronic and Information)
Engineering (Electronic Applications/Micro Applications)
Engineering (Electronic)
Engineering (Electronic/Mechanical)
Engineering (Electronics and Communications)
Engineering (Electronics and Computers)
Engineering (Electronics and Power)
Engineering (Electronics for Broadcasting)
Engineering (Electronics)
Engineering (Integrated Systems)
Engineering (Mechanical)
Engineering (Mechatronics)
Engineering (Optical and Electronic Instrumentation)
Engineering (Plant Engineering and Services)
Engineering (Plant Option)
Engineering (Plant Option)
Engineering (Plant)
Engineering (Plant/CAE/Mechanical)
Engineering (Plant/Mechanical Design)
Engineering (Software)
Engineering (Telecommunication Engineering)
Engineering (Telecommunications)
Engineering Geology for Ground Models
Engineering Instrumentation and Control
Engineering Management
Engineering Mechanical
Engineering Mechatronics
Engineering Programme with Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering, Power Engineering
Engineering with Electronic and Microprocessor Applications
Engineering with Electronics and Communications
Engineering with Electronics and Control
Estate Management
Facade Engineering
Facilities Management
Fire Safety Engineering
Flood Risk Management
Geographic Information Science
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical within Water Resources
Geotechnical Engineering with Consultancy Skills
Heating and Ventilating Technology
Heritage Management
Highway Technology
Hydrographic Surveying
ILM - Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment
ILM - Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management Practice for Construction and the Built Environment
Industrial Measurement and Control
Information Systems
Infrastructure, Facilities and Utilities Management
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Instrumentation and Measurement Engineering
International Project Management
Land Administration
Low Carbon Building and Design and Modelling
Management for Construction
Marine Technology
Measurement and Control Engineering
Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering
Mechanical and Production Engineering
Mechanical Design and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Mechanical Systems Engineering
Mechanical Systems Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering
Mining and Mineral Engineering
Mineral Surveying
NEBOSH Construction Certificate
NEBOSH Diploma
Operations Engineering
Optical and Electronic Instrumentation
Optical and Electronic Instrumentation
Plant and Process Engineering
Plant Engineering
Plants and Process Engineering
Process Control
Process Plant Engineering
Production Engineering
Project Management
Project Management for Construction
Project Management for Construction (sandwich programme) (K222)
Project Management in Construction
Project Management in the Built Environment
Property Development
Property Development with Quantity Surveying
Property Development and Management
Property Management
Quantity Surveying
Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management
Quantity Surveying and Construction Commercial Management
Quantity Surveying Consultancy
Quarry and Road Surface Engineering
Real Estate
Real Estate and Construction Management
Real Estate Appraisal and Management
Residential Development
Renewable Energies
Risk Management
Soil Mechanics
Structural Design
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering with Architectural Studies
Surveying and Construction
Surveying Engineering
Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction and the Built Environment
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Engineering
Top-Up Construction and Commercial Management
Transport Planning and Engineering
Tunnelling Technology
Urban (Civil) Engineering
Urban Planning
Wastes Management

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